Preparing for Your Floral Class

Working with flowers can be incredibly fulfilling -- most people don't get too many opportunities to work with their hands or connect with nature anymore. Being able to physically build a part of an event can make the day, and the bonds with the people by your side, just a little bit more special.

With all of that said, it's not every day you get together with your friends and family to play with flowers and so it can be helpful to lay out some expectations beforehand. 

What to Expect as a Host

As a host, there are a few things that are crucial to ensuring a successful class. Above all, we will need a good amount of space. We'll need tables, the bigger the better, to work at. You may have 3 people help or 13, but each of those guests will need a small space to work. While outdoor space could be viable, indoor is preferred since wind and sun could endanger the longevity of your flowers. 

Working with flower, spills can and likely will happen. Garages can be perfect spaces for a floral class, but anywhere with tiled or water-resistant floors can also be ideal. For hardwood floors, we can use waterproof tarps to protect against spillage but cannot guarantee complete dryness.

Things that would be good to have on-hand if you have them lying around include:

  • Large buckets
  • Waterproof tarps
  • Plastic table covers
  • Scissors (or stem clippers)
  • Floral tape

You are not required to have any of these things, however they can make your day run more smoothly and providing your own materials versus renting them is certainly more cost-effective when it comes to the pricing of your floral class. 

The flowers will be delivered directly to wherever you would like to host the class. Everyone will be able to try their hand at bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres, and corsages with instruction from our in-house florist. Higher risk arrangements such as arbors and bridal bouquets will be handled by the florist exclusively unless you prefer otherwise.

What to Expect as a Guest

As a guest, you will have the unique opportunity to create something unforgettable for your host. We understand most people have never had the opportunity to work with flowers so the class will feature in-depth instruction on how to create something stunning. To make the day go smoothly and safely, we do want to set a few expectations in advance:

  • We require all attendees to wear closed-toed, flat shoes
  • We strongly suggest wearing clothes that can be wet or dirtied
  • You may bring an apron if you would like, but they may not be provided
  • Please arrive on time as instruction will begin right away
  • You may indicate on your RSVP that you will be bringing any of the above materials to help your host, but it is not required!

Above all, the day of your floral class can be everything you want it to be. Whether you're looking simply for an educational opportunity, or want to jam out and sip some wine while you work, we're committed providing you the best possible experience. We are always incredibly excited to work with hosts and their guests to create some unforgettable memories and really build the excitement leading up to your special day.

Thinking about hosting a floral class, or know someone who may be interested? Feel free to contact us on our inquiry page!